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Pictures From Istanbul / Bebek

Hey people! Today the weather was snowy and i went to sea side to take pictures.I think that you like these pictures from Istanbul . And I'm waiting you to Istanbul , in summers i work as a tourist guide.I can be your guide for free :) . Now I will create a category " About Turkey " , in this category i will take pictures of Istanbul ( sometimes other cities of Turkey ) ,i will take pictures of turkish meals and traditions.Im sure that you love this category , because its good to know about new traditions . Anyway Below,There are pictures from Istanbul / Bebek . Please comment on these pictures. Thanks!

Look at the seagull .. It reminds me Jonathan the Seagull ,and Turkish Flag.

Bosphorus Bridge which is a way to across from Europe side to Asian Side .

Lots of seagulls here.

A view from bebek seaside.

Fishermen's boats.

Thats all,hope you enjoy it. Thanks :)

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